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The game is stuck saving, auto save bug (PC, GoG)

Every time I play the game for an hour or more I get a bug where the game fails to auto save. The save icon just stays in the bottom right corner and never goes away. Since the game is stuck trying to save no further progress gets saved. The first time I probably lost about an hour of progress due to this bug.

This is the problem with only having auto saves and not letting us save manually. If something happens to the save we are screwed. My personal opinion is that all RPG:s should have manual saves but if that is not an option please make sure the auto saves work perfectly.

Hi @Acheron. We don’t have a consistent repro case for this but we think we may have a fix in for the next patch (which is in testing and should go live soon. Hoping by later today)

I’m also still having the same issue, and I believe this is after the patch.

I’m still getting the same issue after the latest patch. It makes the game even worse than unplayable since you actually lose your progress. I backed this game and would really like to play it so I sincerely hope you will be able to fix this soon.

I’m very sorry to hear that! Both of you are on GoG, right?

First, can you please double check that you have the patch: at the main menu, in the top right you should see “v.23098”.

When it does happen, at some point you notice the save icon comes up and never goes away, correct?

If you exit the game completely at that point and load back in, what does your game look like? Are you pretty much back where you were before the save that failed?

Could you attach your logfile after this happens? It gets overwritten when you start the game again, so be sure to grab it after the save has failed and before you’ve restarted the game.

Should be somewhere like:
C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Battle Chasers Nightwar\BC_Data\output_log.txt

Another thought: Do you have cloud saves enabled? I wonder if the problem persists if you turn that off?

Thank you for your swift replies.

I have the game on GOG, yes and I do have version 23098.

You are correct that the save icon comes up and never goes away. Note that I have only experienced the bug after extended game sessions so it doesn’t happen all the time.

If I restart the game and load my save I start at the point where the save icon got stuck or possibly slightly before.

I have now tried turning cloud saves off so we’ll see if that makes a difference. If I encounter the bug again I will try to remember saving the log file.

Unfortunately, disabling cloud saves did not help. I’ve saved the logfile and will upload it. Hopefully this will give you some clue to what’s wrong.

output_log.txt (64.9 KB)

Thanks, that does help a lot! According to the log, there’s a sharing violation happening. Which probably means some other program is trying to access your save file even as we’re trying to write to it.

Is there a chance maybe an antivirus scanner is checking the save file?

Our next patch will at least tell you that’s happened, and won’t let you go on playing, so you don’t think you’re saving when you’re not.

Sorry about that!

I’m running Kaspersky Anti Virus so that might be the reason for the conflict. If that is the case there should be an option to retry saving instead of getting stuck on the first attempt. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.