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The Dig - Hidden Chest Duplicating Bug

Hopefully this isn’t breaking any kind of formatting rules or already posted.

I’m playing The Dig on Heroic and just found the Chest hidden behind the wall Gulley can smash through. I went to open it as the spiders came down and the chest bugged and let me loot it 3 times.

hi @KidHaru! Did you actually get loot out of it each time? or did it just open an empty chest the 2nd and 3rd time. Thanks!

I can’t recall with 100% certainty but I believe I got a minor amount of loot the second time and nothing the third. The first two may have just over lapped though.

Also I’ll need to test it but I think on maps with multiple fishing spots in the same room, the game would bug and load all of the fish in a single spot. So finishing one, finished both of them. (I noticed fish suddenly appearing after the last patch but didn’t fish the entire spot until I went to the fish monger.)

I can at least say that in my case I only got loot the first time, the second and third were empty.

This will be patched in a future update. Thanks for the find.

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