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The Dig Dungeon (god mode)

I encountered a bug that I stumbled across twice when replaying the level again. I think i know what causes it, as after finishing the puzzle it went back to normal. I am on the switch version.

Midway through the dungeon, you encounter a puzzle that when you interact with it (circle of stones) you are presented with a menu of the different runes and you are trying to get all the stones in the air. If you complete it you get some item.

Before caring too much to look it up. I activated it… got stuck in the menu didn’t feel like figuring it out and couldn’t get out of the menu. Eventually i pressed the start button which brought up the quit and save menu. Then i pressed B to close that and boom. It closed the puzzle menu!

However… now. every… single… enemy… is non aggro. All have the strange chain link looking icon above their head but no matter what you do you can not fight anything.

This presents problems trying to unlock teleporters… but hey you can just run ahead straight to the boss. You are in god mode. The boss was normal, it attacked back.

Anyways. My first run i did this. Died on boss. Quit back to town to swap characters. Then realized elevator was broken so couldn’t get back to the boss. Reset dungeon and again this time i did the same exit menu trick. Non aggro again!. i wandered around a bit then returned to the puzzle. Looked it up online. Completed it. and suddenly everything turned aggro again.

Confirmed. this is indeed the cause. So if you are in NG+ take advantage of this for sure. Helps like crazy if you just want to advance the storyline and are undergeared / want to farm the boss. Bug the game, run past the rest of the dungeon and kill boss.