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The Dig chests and crates empty?

I was working my way through The Dig dungeon before the last update, and I was about 1/3rd of the way through when I took a break from it. Then the latest update happened, and now the last 4 chests and crates that I have opened have given me the opening animation, but no loot comes up. I checked my inventory to see if I got loot but just wasn’t notified of what, but no, no loot. Bugged?

Im curious if it has to do with a dungeon that was in progress (we fixed loot sparkles appearing when it was already open). Those chests and boxes may have been ones you got on your previous playthrough and it reset the animation state but still remembers that you got loot. If you get this issue in a dungeon you are playing from scratch, let us know!

This definitely happens with a dungeon you started before the patch (same thing happens with my legendary Path of Fangs that I use for the enchanting workbench).
One thing I was able to loot again though was the core from the campfire that buffs enemies. Didn’t try to loot it an extra time coz the workbench that I was using disappeared :frowning: (that dungeon also has a blacksmith workbench that didn’t disappear).
I could check if it is lootable still but doesn’t seem like such a big issue with the weird requirements for it to happen.

If the mana-infused bonfire is there, let us know if you can get the core from it again :slight_smile: