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The Dig Battles

Anyone else having a tough time with The Dig fights? Its appears that the Lycolets are just OP. I can finish the fights with some strategy, but it just appears that the Lycolets got exponentially harder even with level 14-15 heroes. For example, I can deal <100 damage on normal attacks, they whip out >275 on regular attacks. The slimes in the dig are super weak for lvl14 themselves but the frostclaw clan is super strong.

Anyone else notice this or is just me?

The Lycelot Tracker Alphas are very tough. They are a lot stronger than the other lycelots faced before the Dig. The berserkers are also scary if you use a lot of fast or multihit attacks (since they stack an attack power buff each time they are hit)

Imagine a strategy to fight 3 OF THEM at the same time!

aoe -> running away -> dungeon ability -> repeat

If i see an elite tracker in a pack of enemies, ill try to use dungeon skills to split them up, or stack a lot of dungeon skills for an advantage, like dropping a knolan ice glyph, shooting one with bretto’s cannon, and then stunning when they get close, or bretto cannon>gully stun>garrison dash into fight and start with a powerful start move to get full advantage of that dash haste :slight_smile:

It’s still a turn based rpg though… there should be challenging fights that motivate you to think about better tactics and not just blaze through a dungeon by just spam normal attacks.

And like others said before dungeon skills are often overlooked. Gully can stun an enemy team before the fight starts for example. Another tactic you can use is lead the enemies in dungeon traps so they get bleed or burn procs on them xD

You’re not supposed to one-shot your way through the game.

You have to play the waiting game if you don’t want to battle three at a time.

Team comp, perks, and gear can also play a large part in battle difficulty. My first time through The Dig on legendary i was running Bretto (nature perks focusing on healing power, preemptive healing, and recuperate) gully (avenger with prio on initiative and haste up) and garrison (swordsmen with second wind and then ap and crit perks). id use shielded assault burst when i could and had bretto alternate between healing and generating overcharge. The whole dungeon went pretty smoothly. Im currently using a party of bretto (still nature) garrison (wanderer, makes him a bit tougher and sieze opportunity procs feel great and happen a fair amount) and knolan (elemetal cause I love stacking chill on bosses and mini bosses. In my opinion i feel that chill is the best debuff for boss slaying cause -30% haste is crazy). Honestly can’t stress how much easier a healing perk focused bretto makes fights iin the early stages of the game.