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Tellos in Battlechasers?

I’ve always found it curious how similar Tellos is to Battlechasers in many aspects despite being made by different authors.
I mean, both are set in a fantasy world, show a somewhat similar drawing and coloring styles, have young blonde kids as protagonists that battle with the use of an artifact (Jarek with an amulet genie and Gully with her father’s gauntlets) accompanied by anthropomorphic characters that act as the child’s guardians (Koj and Calibretto), are guided through their mission by a wizard (Knolan and Thomstrarustra), come into contact with a swashbuckling pirate/thief/eye-candy (Serra and Red Monika) that has a past related to a certain wandering swordsman (Garrison and Hawke), and the heroes might have an enemy in common hellbent on revenge (August and Malesur, though I know this one’s a far-fetched relation xD ).
Honestly, I’m pretty sure the authors might have been inspired by the works of the other over the years. And despite that, both authors clearly went on different paths with their story; these two comic series have truly awesome characters and are really enjoyable reads.

It would be really cool to have the Tellos cast appear in BattleChasers Nightwar as DLC playable characters, optional bosses, or at least simply as characters in the background of the story. It would be an appreciation to fellow 90s comics and a good tribute to the deceased artist of Tellos Mike Wieringo. :slight_smile:

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I was actually thinking Cole Blaqsmith (from Cliffhangers own Steampunk) as a playable character, or npc, would have been amazing.

Bachalos style goes so well with Madureiras…

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