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Switch Version Update

Switch Update

Working with Unity we’ve made some significant breakthroughs and are now confident we’ll have a build ready to submit to Nintendo very soon. Performance is looking good and many significant bugs have been resolved. The light is at the end of the tunnel!

We know many of you are anticipating this version of the game the most, so we’ll try and be as transparent as we can regarding the process to launch. Here’s how it’ll go:

  1. The build goes through THQNordic QA testing to prep for submission. We’re close to starting this process.
  2. Once approved internally, the build will go to Nintendo for certification. This step can take about 10 days.
  3. After approval by Nintendo, the game goes “gold” and THQNordic begins manufacturing and distributing the game. This is the longest phase, since it involves making the physical copies and getting them to store shelves for launch, and can take 6 weeks. We must release both physical and digital on the same day – so as soon as we can get it on the shelf, it’ll be fully launched.

Regarding an official release date, that’ll come once the game is in Nintendo’s hands and we have a bead on how it’s doing in certification.

Silver Lining

Waiting is no fun, but the silver lining is that this version of the game will have numerous balance tweaks, bug fixes and general polish items incorporated right from the start. Many of these are live on the shipped platforms, but a few more important changes are planned that’ll be in for Switch launch (and the other platforms). Here are some of those:

  • Further tweaking of the difficulty curve to reduce the need for grinding
  • Elimination of level requirements on items: if you find it or make it, you can use it (this is a big one)
  • Significant increase in NG+ difficulty
  • The early game is being made slightly more challenging
  • Many elite creatures are being rebalanced to address difficulty spikes
  • Gold penalty for death is being rebalanced so it’s less punitive early on when gold is scarce, and more punitive late game when gold is plentiful
  • …to name a few.

A Note To Our Backers

For those who are opting to wait for the Switch version (which wasn’t a part of the original campaign), remember you aren’t locked in. You can choose any time to get the game now on one of the platforms the Kickstarter campaign was based on.

Our #1 priority is making sure the Switch version is of top quality and worth the wait. We promise the second we have an exact release date, we’ll shout it from the mountain top.

We’re very grateful for our community’s support and patience! Thank you.


I hope we won’t have to wait for Nintendo physical copies to see these changes on the other platforms, will we?


I have a question in regard to this. When the Switch version drops, will the PS4/Xbox/PC versions have this patch released around it’s release or will be expecting an earlier drop?

I ask partially because I’m not thinking of holding off on my NG+ playthrough so I can give feedback on the tuning(idk if there’s NG++)

Thanks for the update. It’s nice that we get an updated version that is improved due to you listening to feedback and review critics. It shows you really care about your game and when it lands on the Switch it will be the best version of the game.
Having bought far too many games on black Friday deals I don’t mind the wait, as my backlog now is far too long. Also, getting Battlechasers NW in January reminds me of the time I played Darksiders 1 on the 360. It was also January and it was a glorious way to start the gaming year. So 2018 will also start great with BCNW running on Switch during Ski holiday.

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Thanks for the news. I’m a baker and I’ll wait for the Switch version.

so any news on if the xbox, ps4 and pc versions will have the changes listed before the switch launch or no?

Will you be posting here when it hits those milestones like going to THQ QA / Nintendo Cert / Gold?

Hello! I was curious and hoping that there is an update to the progress of the Switch Version. Thanks!

I’m also curious about the progress regarding the switch version. I’m holding out on selecting my backer copy due to the portability factor of the Switch.

Hmm, at you posted about Switch being added later.

So I must be missing the Linux version on Steam somehow, because at least to me it seems it isn’t there, which can’t be the case because it’s supposed to be there before some Switch stuff happens…

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Agreed. The promise of linux support was a major factor in my decision to back this on kickstarter, and all we’ve gotten so far is an empty file entry and a very tardy and nonspecific “we’re working on it, it’s hard it’ll be here soon” message on the steam boards that’s now gone three months without a single additional reply.

Some of us may be able to play anyway because we dual-boot, but we helped make this game possible because you promised linux support. The least you could do is keep us updated as to the progress – or a sincere admission that it won’t happen.

At the very least, we deserve better than silence and the hope that we’ll go away if ignored long enough.


Today it’s my birthday. I was hoping to be able to play to Battle chaser on Switch (it’s the only platform I have), but in December I understood that it will not be possible. Then I was expecting that a date release will be posted, it would have been a great gift for my birthday, but unfortunately there’s no news since December.

So please, could you tell us how is the progression on the Switch version of the game ??

I’m a big fan of RPG games and even more the turn based ones. I can’t wait anymore !!! I think I will have to buy Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on Switch instead for my birthday… :frowning:

I’m sorry we missed your birthday :frowning: We are trying very hard to get things ready to go.

I’m sure you are ! And I support you hundred percent.
But can we have some news about the progress of this portage ? Can we have
an estimated date of release, I don’t ask about a precise day, even a month
will be fine. :slight_smile:
I’m so in a hurry to get my hands on this game, you can hardly imagine !!!

Hey all - update coming very soon. Game has gone through a few rounds of QA and submission is nigh, which at this point we expect will go smoothly. Stay on target!


i hope so. It’s been a rough but I bet everyone has learned a lot so when that Battle Chasers 2 comes around in the future you’ll have it lockdown.

Final Fantasy needs a rival and you have the potential to be it.

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So if the game is still going through QA it means it still isn’t in Nintendo’s hands? Which means once they get it, it may take 10 days for approval from them? Once they approve it there is still the 6 weeks manufacturing phase at THQ Nordic so another 6 weeks after that. So maybe launching in April. On a different note, no updates since December 1st which I think is quite terrible from a backers standpoint.

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Hey friend. Just curious what an update real soon means? Real soon definitely isn’t more then 12 days in my books. Just curious if we are really going to see an update soon or we should just continue to play the waiting game with almost zero feedback for Airship Syndicate. I have really come to expect this since we have had very little information from you guys since September. The lack of information is really disappointing. Thanks

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So it’s been one month till the last message of the game director about an update coming very soon…
And no news have been posted since then. :frowning: