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Switch version Frozen after battle

My game became unresponsive after combat. I can close out to the home screen and close the game but buttons on both joycons and pro controller are not working to progress in the after battle screen.

Does this happen after every combat, or was this a one time occurrence?

Actually, that looks like you were fighting a Lycelot Venom Bomber; Lycelot bombers have had a known bug where they can die in an explosion that leaves the game stuck for a while. :confused:

This only happened the once. And yes it was when a Lycelot Venom Bomber blew himself up.

Any plans to release some big post release patch to solve any of the encountered errors?

I’ve had this happen once. I didn’t pay attention to what caused it. I think i went to the bathroom and came back and it was stuck. It’s very rare though it’s only happened once to me in 80+ hours.

It happens when the lycelot poison bomber suicides into your party ending the fight.