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Switch physical copy


I think i’m not the only one backer who is still waiting for his physical copy of BC’s Switch version. But i can’t find any information about it since December.

Do you have any news about it ?

Thank you.

There’s no switch version out and no new information as to when it will come out. Don’t think about it too much. Many have tried different approaches to asking the team what’s up. There’s no info. Hang in there… I feel ur pain but honestly just find something else. This is gonna be m out by match if we’re lucky. That’s just a guess too cause if it touches a year after release it gonna be down right shameful

March? What makes you say that? Based on the last update I was thinking mid-Feb at the latest for digital. Unless Nintendo lock-check is really holding them up bad.

EDIT: JoeMad tweeted an update… looks like it didn’t make it’s way to the forums yet. (from last night;)

Super patient #Switch folks. I’m not supposed to tell you that we’re submitting a build of BCNW to internal QA for approval next week. Which (fingers crossed) will pass and go to Nintendo for final inspection. Update soon. PS if you think you can’t wait, imagine how we feel!! :scream:

Nice! Thanks for sharing that update. I wouldn’t have even known.

I’m also in the waiting for a physical copy on Switch camp.