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Switch Party Formation

I know this is just a estetic suggestion and Calibretto will be an issue, but will help to allow the players to switch party formation and is a really (REALLY) big deal for perfectionist players.

(You’re “forcing” us to play with Calibretto. =.=’)

I rather not go too much into spoiler territory cause i don’t know how far you’re in the game but i did not have him in my team combination( i have played the whole game so i’m talking about later into the game). i take it you mean active switching while in combat. Before going into switch mechanic i am not against having one but there would be some problems as switching brings some issues:

can character act right away after being switched or does he/she have to wait before acting?
monsters in the game would require lot of buffing(games already not difficult as it is and would just make it easier)

can you switch somebody who has been inflicted by poison,burn, bleed etc and how do they work while character is in the back waiting to be switched back?
games with character switch usually tend to suffer from fact that status effects like these can be avoided easily because rather than fixing them, you can just switch and postpone the problem or just avoid these kind of mechanics making them useless. usually it’s either the timer basically stops and restart once character in question is back on the field or the ticks go down as normal without the effect on characters healthpool. There are also some more powerful things that happen after certain amount of turns from the targeted character so those would’ve to be removed because they would be useless if they can be avoided by switching

does it require resource like 1 burst?
all games i have played have it that you can do it for free and becomes too powerful in lot of cases. In this case sacrificing damage potential could be answer.

But most of all the game would be designed in very differently. rather having options to make character more support, attack or healing orientend depending on your combination this design choice would become useless as you have everyone. Rather than having options on who to pick, the game would’ve made all character have very specifc roles rather than having more possibilities.

Maybe in the next game they will have switching but on this one i don’t see it happening because it goes too much against how the game was designed