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Switch Frame-rate drops Arena

dear Developer Team, first of all I want to communicate how grateful I am for this beautiful game. I chose to go with the Digital Switch Version, as I wanted this game on the go. I am experiencing long loading screens and frame rate drops either on the map or in battle. It gets worse if a battle is continued after defeating a group of enemies. Esp. in the arena where the timers clicking and the new wave of enemies won’t appear. It chrashed on me once after a battle on the world map. but that was it. But those slow downs are a major concern. When can we see an improvement in overall performance?

I’ve had similar issues. If you haven’t completely shut down your Switch and restarted it in a while, I would suggest you do that. I was just putting mine in sleep mode after I was finished playing and it got to the point where the game would crash almost every time I tried to play it. Doing a hard system shutdown and reset helped speed the game up for me significantly and it stopped crashing.