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Switch Digital Code Redemption

Hi, maybe @strangelove can answer this one, but i still see the switch code redemption as “Not Available” and “Release date TBD”. Just wondering if this will be up and running tomorrow?

Ive been keeping my head in the sand so i can enjoy it fully on the switch, so supper exited to finally get it! Thanks for all the hard work!

It’s been radio silent for digital and physical Switch backers up to this point, although strangelove might know the answer. (Hopefully!)

As of writing, still no option to select Switch and receive a game code. Will check again later today.

Still no Switch code option. I’ll check again later tonight, fingers crossed.

Losing hope for tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow. I was so excited for this release today.

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No option as of writing. Hopefully tomorrow…

Nothing this morning. I’ll check again in about six hours.

Man i am so excited to get it… kinda want to just buy it lol

Maybe give my kid the digital when it pops up sooner or later

Ya having the code now would make life easier but… think im just gunna get it x2

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Just checked, no dice. Will try to keep checking and posting every 8 hours or so.

ive got a code, it doesnt work though. just returnsa an error saying its invalid.

Same, Aussie Switch and EU code. Asking others in another thread for help…