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Switch Code/Physical Update

Update - Evening of 5/17

Ok guys, good news and bad news.

Bad news out of the way: Our EU region codes apparently won’t be active until tomorrow (May 18) around noon, not sure exactly which EU time zone that is.

Good news: We finally have the codes. North American ones should be functional - we’ve tested the process on our own. The EU ones are there so they’ll be ready to use tomorrow.

A few notes

  • If you are a PHYSICAL backer your game is in the mail and you won’t have a digital code for Switch. You can email for shipping info!
  • After you redeem your code, return to your inventory to unlock it! You don’t unlock it on the selection page

I’m out for the evening folks - if you have problems, please drop us a message at


Update 5/17

We’ve heard from our THQ Nordic contact that he was promised the codes today. We’ll let you know the second they are in our system!


  • All physical copies have shipped

  • Our contact at THQ Nordic is working hard to get the codes. We’re really sorry we missed launch day (obviously) and nothing is more important to us right now than getting the codes live.

We’ll update later today as things progress. Thank you.


  1. Speaking with our contact at THQ Nordic, we’re hoping to have the digital codes tomorrow. Time zones are offset so I’m not sure exactly when we’ll have them up on the store. We’ll update today OR tomorrow as soon as we know more.

  2. The North American physical copies came in a day earlier than originally expected, so we’re hoping that with rushed shipment, they should be in backer’s hands shortly. You’ll get a message from Tiny Fish as soon as the unit is unpacked, repacked and shipped.

Again, we’re sorry for delays. Certainly not how we wanted it to go down, but we’re excited to get it in your hands and hope it’s worth the wait!!

Hey all, you may have seen this info from us in an e-mail:

First I’ll apologize for the delay on info, we were waiting until we got confirmation ourselves about the delivery of codes and physical units. We have to go through THQ Nordic for it all, who has to get this stuff from Nintendo.

Digital: THQ Nordic still doesn’t have keys to give us. They’re working hard to have them by tomorrow so everyone has it on launch day. But they admit it’s a bit of a black box for them, too, as they’ve never ordered codes from Nintendo in this way. When we got confirmation about availability for tomorrow (good or bad), we’ll update this thread.

Physical: We use a US-based group called Tiny Fish for shipping (they’re also the ones making our shirts and maps). THQ Nordic delivered a batch of European region physical copies, which Tiny Fish has shipped out. European backers should have an e-mail with shipping info. The bad news: there was some kind of problem and we learned today that the North American units won’t arrive at our shipper until Wednesday. When they do arrive, they’ll be rushed out.

We know you guys have waited a long time for this, and we sincerely apologize for prolonging it.


Hey thanks for the update! Glad you were able to put out a statement about it. I know a lot of people are just going to rage about it, but I’m happy to know we should still expect it by the end of the week maybe? Still I expect the studio is probably having to eat a few costs for expedited shipping so I know I appreciate it. Thanks for giving us an update and can’t wait to have this game in my hands for Switch!

I never received said email despite (I think?) selecting the Switch as my platform in whatever survey we were sent.

I have redeemable codes in my account section for platforms I’m not interested in (switch version still nonredeemable) will it just work once the codes are ready, or have I missed a step somewhere in confirming the version I want?

The email says rushed delivery will be used. Which kind exactly? 3-Day, 2-Day, 1-Day, Same-Day? When should we realistically expect to our copy to arrive?

I’m not sure exactly - we just told them to expedite it, and that we’re willing to pay extra. But I don’t know if it’s UPS or USPS.

As for when, if they get it Wednesday and we expedite it, I’m hopeful that’ll mean a Friday or Saturday delivery at the latest.

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Hmm, do the usual spam/junk check, but there’s a chance you never officially selected the Switch as your platform. But that’s fine. This forum post contained all the info you need anyway.

You’re correct regarding the code redemption - as soon as we get the Switch keys, that option will be valid. Thanks!


Thank you for replying so quickly. As an upset backer, I do understand that with how things were, this was out of your control, and you’re equally as upset.

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Yeah, we totally understand.

Just out of curiosity, how come the first batch from the distributor isn’t allocated for the backers? Why does it seem like the batches for the backers were sent last minute, as some stores sold copies of the game almost a month ago, and yet you guys were supposed to get the batch for us last week? The game wouldn’t exist without the backers, shouldn’t we get our copies shipped first? Or is that just not how the industry works?

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I’m gutted that I won’t have the game until the weekend (hopefully). I had been reading a couple issues a night of the comics to get caught up on the characters and lore in preparation for Tuesday, but now I have longer to wait. :frowning:

Oh well, appreciate the update either way. Looking forward to playing the game sooner or later.

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So I just logged into my account and can verify that the Switch was my platform I chose. I never upgraded to a physical copy and I have not redeemed my digital backer code yet. I have not received this email which concerns me. Can you provide any feedback?

Can you clarify the situation for physical copies for Australian backers?
Are we included with Europe?

Also, will we be able to redeem the special backer Chaoseater reward and portraits on Switch?

Hello strangelove,

I have bought the switch physical upgrade but still had my settings set to steam. I didn’t got any email from tinyfish regarding a shipping information.

What should I do now? Do I still get my physical coyp?

Thanks im advance.

just for record. Amazon have just delivered a phisical copy of the game to a friend of mine, we’re in Italy.

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As a vocal backer I appreciate your update strangelove, I was just concerned not hearing much until yesterday. I really do appreciate the news, and the turnaround. I know it’s been a long road for you guys too.

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So nearly seven months to sort this out, and the people who gave money up front to make this game a reality are getting the rawest deal.

It’s mid-release day, and not even another update to say if we might be getting the game we paid for. Just the removal of it from the claim code page. Incredibly disappointed with how Airship has handled the Switch situation, and will not be backing them in future kickstarters.

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Bit rough. Nintendo has a lot of control over the whole process of games being made and releases. Im quite impressed with the number of consoles that are being supported by the team. Also, switch was never part of the original kickstarter.

Idk if its reasonable to be that upset about this, considering the switch release wasnt part of the initial offering. I am bummed that i wont be able to download the game before my long bus ride in a couple hours. Would have been a great opportunity to dive into this game

@Kalinon, despite not being part of the original KS, they offered it.
so they should be confident of being able to deliver it, even if with a reasonable delay, as they did for other platforms.
7 months, tons of sales on steam, gog, ps4 and xbox, Amazon delivering the Switch game on day 1, and still backers don’t know when they’re will be able to play, that is not reasonable.
blaming the difficulties to deal with THQ/Nintendo, is not what we wanted to hear today.
i think that is what people are complaining, or at least is what i’m complaining.


So, once again, the backers are getting screwed. I could have had it today from Amazon and for a discounted price. I understand there can be issues, but this is just one thing after another. I will not back another one of your projects.