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Switch Bug - Destructive Duo (Raha Hunt #5)

Hi everyone,

A few people on Reddit and I have experienced a bug playing on the Nintendo Switch while trying to start the fight for the Raha Hunt #5, Destructive Duo. After talking to the machines with all the necessary items in the inventory, the game plays the combat music but doesn’t show the combat screen, just freezes. Menus are accessible and work, though, but the overworld character can neither move nor interact with things, and the team can’t fight because the combat screen doesn’t show.

Please check this bug and fix it as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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Hi everyone,

It’s been almost three months since I posted this. Really nobody from Airship Syndicate had time to at least say that they’ll check this issue? Some other people on Reddit and I have reported this same issue. Has no other player here experienced this issue as well? Please, you can’t fully complete the game with this issue.

Thank you.

Hey, I’m sorry you’re experiencing that issue. It’s not something that happened in testing, or that we’ve seen before. We weren’t able to reproduce the issue here.

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Thanks for your reply! I’ve played the PC version as well with no issues yet, but this bug on the Switch is really annoying. Should I record the gameplay and post it here? Or link the Reddit posts here. I don’t know any other way of giving you more information about the problem, other people are experiencing it, too.

A link to the reddit post will be helpful, and I’ll have QA try again to see if they can make it happen.

Hi, sorry for the delay. Here are the Reddit posts regarding the same issue:

And here’s a video showing the bug in action:

Thanks for your help!