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[Suggestion] [SPOILER] What about hidden bosses?

Hi there!

I finished the game twice (normal and NG+), I really appreciated this game, very good job guys :slight_smile:

So now, what about hidden bosses?

When I come here:

I really expected a hidden boss, like an old dragon or something like that.
I would like β€œ4 (or 5 or 6…) elementary dragons (or another epic thing)” with: Fire, Water, Wind and Earth, + why not a Mana one? Maybe when you kill them all, the last [insert_epic_name_boss_here] will appear. I think you have understand my point :slight_smile:

So, I hope your next games will be at least as well as this one, or better :smiley:

Enjoy and have fun developping video games guys!

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We all love stuff like that, and wanted to include more secret things, but we had to decide what we feasibly had time to add or not.

No problem, I understand this :slight_smile:

Have a good one!

thoughts on being able to add some slight additional content after bugs and balance are ironed out?

some of us don’t want this game to end yet haha.

shoot i’d throw down more money for some DLC.