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Suggestion: Icon Legend on Map

I opened the map in the Iron Outpost but I wasnt quite sure what some of the icons meant. I kept seeing a lot of white ‘!’ marks which I thought I missed something in the rooms. So after about 20 minutes combing through them, a random post online is that they are just markers to show shrines/events.

Is is possible to add an icon legend to the map? Also, can the ‘!’ be removed if they are indeed triggering on if an item is there and it’s already been used?


The legend is in the ingame manual

Oh. I didnt know. Thanks Brufio. Still wouldnt mind if off to the corner but in the meantime Ill check the manual.


I agree with this one!

Totally agree about the legend and the exclamation points are confising. It would also be nice if the overworld map were more detailed.

Agree as well about the confusing (!) points. Admittedly I did not read the manual, though. So that’s my bad!
I spent 20 minutes scouring one room to try and find out what I was missing to make the (!) go away and it was driving me crazy hah.

Suggestion to devs: Make the lore icon yellow, which then changes to white once you discover that particular item in that particular room.