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Suggestion: Defense Animation

I know it’s a classic JRPG thing to show the defense animation then return the characters to their normal battle pose, but I think it would look incredible (and further highlight the incredible artistic talent) if, when you choose defend/parry/block/whatever, the hero maintained the pose and the associated animation looped until it was that hero’s turn again. It would also provide a clear visual cue to the player of what state the hero is in.


I agree with this. Would look better but also you could see who are blocking without checking the icons if you have a memory of a gold fish like me. (once in a while i do go afk and leave the game running while in combat).

Also would be nice to get dodging animations as a standard in these kind of games rather than just “miss” which anyways gives more of a impression that the attacker screwed up rather than defender skillfully avoiding the attack.(yes it is a turn-based game but would be a nice touch) and of course in some cases it’s fine example. if the game has “blind” condition


Yes add this

this too :laughing:

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