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Suggestion: Combat animation and pacing

Hi guys,

Just want to start off that this game is amazing. I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store next.

A lot of people have requested a toggle to speed up combat animation. Instead (or in addition to?), may I suggest the following?:

  1. Allow the player to queue up the next action while the previous action’s animation is playing. (If the target is no longer valid–dead, stealthed, etc.–automatically target the lowest HP target.) Currently, the game waits until an action has completely finished its animation before returning control to the player.

  2. When the current action enters its “recovery” animation, begin executing the next action. (I’m using a fighting game term, since I don’t know the proper dev term.)

Hopefully that should alleviate some of the dead time in combat when a player does nothing, keep the intended animation speed, but pick up the overall pace in combat.


I agree, some of the animations do continue a bit too long and slow down the flow of battle. Defend type skills shouldn’t do this, they should be instant and not fade from the stance of defending. I forgot who mentioned it but it’d be nice to have that be a thing, just like when waiting for an ability that takes a cast time your character remains in the ready stance and it’s awesome.