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[suggestion] Catch up mechanic for the whole cast?

First and foremost, amazing game, I’m totally hooked, thank you guys.

Now, Let’s get back to the matter at hand…

I’m finding that even with the catch up mechanics, outleveled characters can’t just keep the pace without a great deal of grinding. I’d rather have less XP shared by the whole cast -maybe a menu option? or an artifact?- even if it means more overall grinding, because that way at least I would/could be testing different party setups without having to account for level disparity or leaving someone behind in power.

Thanks again for the game

I’d really like an Exp Share trinket of some kind. That way I have the choice to spread the XP or not.

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The catch up mechanic isn’t strong enough. The pace (animation speed, etc.) of this game is already really slow without all the additional grinding. I wouldn’t mind the grinding if things were a) faster and b) we shared EXP among all characters.

I like the idea of an XP share trinket. Make it so you can share, but not while operating at peak effectiveness.

IMO I think the current mechanics are fine. It’s easy enough to power level low level characters by grinding higher level mobs. I power leveled Monica and Alumon in one session. Then grabbed Knolan and did the same once Monica and Alumon were level 30. I guess it all depends on how much you like to grind. Some sort of shared XP between the group would be nice but I don’t think it’s necessary.