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Sudden difficulty spike going from Junktown to The Dig

(This post is coming from a player who has just beaten The Dig and no further)

Each dungeon I play I first play on normal and once I have beaten the dungeon I revisit it immediately to beat it on legendary. They are challenging at times but nothing some thought and determination can’t overcome. Going from legendary Junktown to normal The Dig shifted the difficulty and challenge up quite significantly, almost too a jaw dropping and frustrating level.

To be fair I was using a level 15 Gully, level 15 Monika, and a level 13 Knolan when I started and beat The Dig the first time. I think I have been one shot or nearly one shotted almost every battle my first run through. I was bombarded by Lycelot Berserker who gain stacks of Atk Up each time one of my party hit them and they nuked my party time and time again equiped with Atk up plus 10 or higher. On my second run on normal I have yet to see a single Berserker, so maybe RNGesus forsook me my first run. While I could complain about the Cadaverous Maw’s difficultly and the fact it splits into more slimes, completely negating any status you placed on it before the split, I thought it was ok so I’ll let that be.

Was I unprepared (I know my Knolan was a little under leveled) or are some of the enemies placed in The Dig a little too difficult?

Unfortunately progression in this game is some of the worst i’ve seen in any JRPG style game i’ve played. It’s not just Junktown to Dig I grinded myself up to complete The Dig and then moved onto the next area where everything is groups of lvl 16 and my weakest characters are 1 shot once again. And this is just on the world map. It’;s hard to enjoy the story when you get 1 cutscene between 5 hours of grinding repeated over and over again.

It’s “good” to know that it’s not just me. Thanks.

While playing in the beta period I did notice a bit of a difficulty spike from junktown to the dig and had my first wipe in there against a group with 2 of the Berserkers, afterwards I went back in and lured parts of the group off so I could fight them 1 by 1.

Deadwatch also has a bit of a jump with the hangmen. I struggled with those guys the first few times until I managed to get a good tactic down for dealing with them, but any group with 2 was still a huge challenge. After that I didn’t really have any other problems. In my legendary runs of the 6th and 7th dungeons the boss died like a hot knife cuts butter, 6th boss didn’t even get to do anything before I had Garrison lvl 2 BB and beserk.

Yeah the first two dungeons were fine. Then all of a sudden Junktown and the Dig were extremely difficult. Gun Hulks are super annoying enemies. And I got some sort of airship encounter after beating Junktown (literally right when I got back on the world map) and it took forever to beat.

This game needs its difficulty curve fixed. The animations and dungeons are way too slow to grind without extreme annoyance. There’s no EXP share and you can’t switch party members without going back to the inn.

I also experienced this on my first playthrough. I got through Junktown and got in a bind where I couldn’t beat the Dig, the sewer slime boss, or the first hunt.

Looking back, I think some of it was because I wasn’t using all of the tools the game gives. I don’t think I had set my perk points; I didn’t realize you could tab over to the right and buy armor from Grimbeard. I was poorly optimized.

Just finished the Path of Fangs on NG+ and I’m curious to see if the same thing still happens. I’m now much better at using perks/shops/crafting/etc. all in concert, so I wonder if I’ll see it was my own fault the first time.

Gunhulks though… oof!