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Sub quest - kill 10 enemies

I have a “minor” problem… one of the first sub quests “kill 10 enemies and return the urn”. I don’t remember where i got it and where i should return the urn (i just got myself to the end of the story for betta)…

< the quests should have more info about them >

Ya I think these quests should at least show in the Journal, which is severely lacking now.

It depends on where you got the vessel. If your journal says “return the vessel” it’s in the Path of Fangs. If it says “return the vessel of glorious war” it’s in the Dig. You can return to the dungeon, even if you reset it, and find the event again to turn it in.

Thats the problem … I DONT remember And the sub quest is on the top of my list.
On PL version that I play it only says " Zabij 10 przeciwników i oddaj urne".