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Stuck with Reset Camera

I returned to Harm’s Way and after the inn (after completing the Sewer’s side quest) I started seeing the B Reset Camera at the bottom of the screen.
Steps I’ve tried to get rid of the issue (none have worked):

  1. Click the B button multiple times, held it for a while
  2. Save the game and restart (in both normal and safe mode)
  3. Leave Harm’s Way and attempt to trigger at battle on the map (first instance failed to trigger the battle, following attempts succeed)

This bug prevents me from collecting loot on the map, using the portals, and entering building in town.
Below are two screen shots that I’ve taken to show the problem.

So I was able to get past this issue. I moved the camera away from my characters and then tried B again and was able to get the camera to reset. There might be some issue when the camera is only off by a little bit rather than by a larger scale.

Thanks, @jkayhatter - that helps narrow this down a lot!