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Struggling to move forward

Let me start by saying I’m really enjoying this game. I love the art style and game design, and having never tried a JRPG before I’m loving the experience.

After slowly making my way through the story with little difficulty, I’ve finally hit a wall I can’t seem to get past. My party is around level 12, I was using Gully, Garrison and Calibretto. Everything was going smoothly, and then I got to the Dig and the Sewer boss. Now, despite changing up the party configuration I can’t seem to make it past one battle if there are 3 people against me.

The AOE the enemy dishes out hits too hard, I can’t heal through it, and I’m lucky if I can take out 2 guys before the 3rd finishes me off. So I’m just looking for some pointers or suggestions, not suggesting a game balance issue.

Wrong character combos? Certain skills and usage needed to deal with the enemies? Gear not good enough to deal with this next level of enemy?

My health pools around 700 - 900 give or take, and I have some blue but mostly green gear. Is some farming needed to better equip?

Any suggestions are welcome regarding party comp, gear or skill / perk usage. Thanks!

yeah the dig can prove to be a bit challenging. i suggest going to the arena to get some xp or doing junk town dungeon on legendary. gear can be a toss up of if you can get stuff to really boost your party. also see what perk abilities can combo well. having the gully haste for first turn to have her taunt and then build her defense while bretto heals and garrison does damage is a good combo i found.

@Hawkeye It’s great that this is your first “JRPG” although the J stands for Japan which in this case is this is made right here in the US. The devs certainly have a passion for JRPGs and this project certainly pays homage to all the oldschool ones. Now here are some tips…

Gear is very important in RPGs, those with a lot of experience tend to have a natural indication that if they’re struggling at any point, their characters are either underleveled or their gear is. If you’re fighting in the highest difficulty of The Dig with lvl6-lvl9 gear it will be very tough. Higher lvl Gear can be farmed on lower difficulties or crafted if you spend gold on recipes and upgrading your blacksmith. I also recommend spending your time reading the Perks in the Perk Trees of each character, find out about what Perk Masteries do for them as well. Having Calibretto as a dedicated healer in and out of battle is one of the best ways to ensure survival when you’re struggling. Also imo Gully is just ok in the early game but her DPS can be slow and lacking if she’s not geared properly compared to others. So your main party atm is made up of a Dedicated Healer with a great debuff for physical attacks, a tank with ok dps and shielding abilities and a brawler with great damaging abilities but low survival if not geared properly, so your dps is kind of low. Fights will be longer, allowing enemies to execute those hard hitting aoes. Think about character’s skills, save your bursts for when you truly need them and see which character’s bursts are the most useful at lvl 1, for example I would never value using Gully’s lvl 1 Burst over just about any other character’s lvl 1 Burst in terms of bang for your buck. Think about what turns the tide faster or more often, what is more game changing, etc. Also stat numbers are important…

Hope this helps, tried to give you insight without blatantly telling you what to do that way it doesn’t take away from your learning experience.