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Strongmont Dungeon Interaction Locked Off

I was doing a Strongmont run and when I reached the room with the scouting drone I was about to interact with it and I got pulled into a battle. After the battle I was no longer able to interact with any of the dungeon items in the room, the chests, boxes, the scouting drone or even the door to the next room. The white toon outline never showed up around any of the items no matter how close I got to them. I tried to see if I could reset the room by going back to the previous room and going back in and nothing. So I just exited the game, hopefully I can get it back to work when I restart the game.

Here are some screens…

hey omni! thanks for the report. we have a fix for this issue coming in the next patch!

temporary fix I found for this is to quit to menu and reload the game. everything seems to work again upon reloading