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Stongmont: Conduits aren't removed from map and prevent fishing

I ran into this bug while inside Strongmont during the first visit. Neither room the Conduits spawned in were cleared of the red skull on the map overlay after killing them. Additionally, a fishing spot spawned in the second of these chambers and despite the room being 100% clear, the red skull remains and I could not use the fishing hole. Nothing else was hindered by this bug, I was able to progress the story. If it makes a difference, this dungeon was on heroic difficulty.

Hey @Aquamaniac, sorry about that! I believe this issue is occurring due to the additional skeletons the conduits spawn, which are most likely spawning off of the world. We’ll look in to this and see what can be done. Thank you for the report!

I’m bumping this because it’s still happening. Any word on whether this is in an upcoming patch or not?

There will be a change where liches have a delay when they cast their summons, both for the first cast and periodic casts, allowing you some time to engage them before they create too many. There will also be a cap on the total amount they can summon for Mana Rifts, but not for Strongmont. The surfaces that are allowed to have summons on also were adjusted.

Having said that, this mechanic is a little complicated and tricky. It’s much improved in the next patch, but not perfect.

EDIT: We’ve discovered another issue with it. Unfortunately it won’t be fixed in the next patch. :frowning: Sorry about that. It’s on our radar.