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Steam on mac tries to run a .exe

OMG thanks ! Testing it right away :slight_smile:

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Ok great, I can’t wait to try it out! Thanks for letting us know.

Edit: Ok, I just played for three hours and it was totally worth the wait. Awesome, I really dig the vibe of the whole world/storyline. Feels like the comics.

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I haven’t been checking back in this thread, so I was wicked pumped to find that the beta is working on Mac now. I’ve played about two hours so far, my thoughts? Rad as bleep! I can’t wait to play it some more later today after I finish adult’ing.

I ran into some performance issues, so I will share what I encountered and my system info in the appropriate thread later too.

Is the beta the full game, playable from start-to-finish, or just a certain chunk? If it’s just a chunk, is there a level cap?