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Steam on mac tries to run a .exe

When I click install in the Steam client on my mac it downloads a small amount of data. When I then click play, it tries to run a .exe.

It’s showing up under the mac list in steam, so i was assuming it would run.

Hey, sorry, the Mac version of the beta is not ready quite yet. Soon!

That’s cool. Might want to through up a warning about that.

It was also not clear to me that the mac version is not available yet.
Is the mac version far behind?

Hey guys, it’s not a ton of info, but we mentioned in the Beta forum post that the Mac build was hopefully coming later this week. Thanks for the patience!

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I also fell for the Mac version issue described above. (Got too eager)

If we downloaded the wrong version on Steam (it also says I’m missing the .exe file) what do we do? Do we need to uninstall on Steam? Will our Beta Steam Key still work or is it “consumed”?

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Same version. When it’s ready to go, it should update automagically for you.

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Awesome. Thanks so much. I guess my anticipation levels will only continue to go up from here :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply on this issue.
Best of luck during this most crunching of times.

Please make sure to let us lessers know when we can officially join in the fun

I came to post about the same problem, happy to know I’m not alone. Hopefully it will be fixed soon! :slight_smile:

Apple’s keynote announcement on September 12th will be for native Win32 support built into High Sierra. No more need for Parallels or Boot Camp! Run Windows Win32 exectuables natively!!

Shhhhh its a sekret! :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

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Ok so that’s what’s wrong. Do we get a notice when the Mac Beta goes live?

I appreciate that but some of us came to the beta announcement from an email and not the forums. The email made no mention of the beta for Mac being delayed and I believe that’s the cause for all the questions and comments :slight_smile:

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Yup, that’s what happened to me.

Yes that’s true, sorry about that. We’ve made it a high priority!

Ugh, me too. Should have been in the original announcement. My windows PC it too old to try playing this

I used Bootcamp and had to suffer through Windows just to play it, but was totally worth it was a great weekend!

The same here, i was too desperate to wait for the Mac OS release… Although navigating on the overworld map is very laggy , i really enjoyed the beta! Congrats it is by far the most enjoyable RPG i played the past few years.

macOS version is live now!