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STEAM - Missing Executable MAC

Unable to test the game, every time I attempt to start the game from the Steam launcher I get an error, missing executable file. Basically what seems to be happening is no files are downloaded or installed from the Steam client, if I ask it to verify the files in properties it claims to do so, but nothing changes. Uninstalling and reinstalling accomplishes nothing.

When you say missing executable “MAC”, what exactly do you mean? Are you trying on a Mac, or is this something to do with a MAC address?

If trying on a Mac, it won’t work yet. They haven’t released the Beta for Mac, and it requires the .exe file to run (only works on Windows ATM).

If it’s something that you’re saying has to do with a MAC address, then I have no idea.

Mac version not ready yet. Devs said it should be ready in a few days.

Thread where dev mentions:

Got the same error. So we just need to check back after a few days, update, etc?

Should just auto update like any other steam game update.

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