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Steam key with retail?

So I noticed that you get a Steam Key when you upgrade to a physical copy for console.

Just curious if this is also the case with retail?

I already pre-ordered a physical copy on Amazon, in addition to my backer rewards.

Don’t take my word as gospel, but I’m fairly certain Amazon will not be sending out free Steam keys. This seems more like something nice that the team is doing for their backers who choose to upgrade to a physical copy here.

That makes sense.

Now that I think about it…They will probably send the Steam key through the backer rewards system on the Airship site and then ship out all the discs. This could also have something to do with having beta access. Since it seems like the beta will be similar to an early access through Steam.

In any case - $8 upgrade > $30 retail

The upgrade page says you get a boxed console version + a Steam key yes. But it’s not just $8. You also pay some shipping. You can upgrade it on

This is only for the backers that upgrade and not for other stores

Yep…already upgraded.

Now just considering I’m going to keep my Amazon pre-order or not. :thinking: