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Steam key not working

Steam says Battle chasers is not yet activated on steam when i paste in the key? please help?
i have Pre-ordered the game with you and on steam, is this the issue?

Same here - my Beta key does not work: Beta access code invalid

My Alpha key worked fine.

This is my error.

Hey guys! Unfortunately, preordering the game will not net you access to the Beta.
If you backed the game on Kickstarter or on our website, which closed off early this year, you would get a beta access key.

Sorry if you preordered and thought this would grant you beta access; we know you’re excited about the beta and would love to play, but this was a reward for the people who’ve been with us from the beginning and helped us get the game off the ground. The full game releases on October 3rd, and we’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Tyridan, it sounds like you’ve got your stuff in order using your alpha key?

Hi Ortizgames,
I think you misunderstood what I was saying,
I have been with you from the start as I backed the game in the beginning, however I chose to get the switch physical upgrade!
I also brought the game on steam not realising that I would get a steam with my original purchase copy.
Thanks for your response though,
Good to know you guys are here to help.
Kind regards
Ross (Strydak)

No problem, Styrdak; thank you for being with us from the start!! :slight_smile:


Still a little confused. My alpha was downloaded on this PC (yes, I am a Kickstarter backer). I was told I had a beta key on the website, which I redeemed, copied and pasted into Steam and which then didn’t work - Invalid beta key.

In Steam when I changed to: None - Opt out of all beta programs

It is now doing an upgrade to the game? My alpha key has been removed, and my beta key seems not to work, so how is it upgrading? Any ideas?

Yes, once it finishes updating after having opted out of all betas, you should be able to run the game!