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Steam Game code missing

I just clicked to retrieve my full game code after playing the beta, but its not showing up on my backer profile. Choose a code for steam.

Any help would be appreciated.

Make sure to look through your inventory list. I redeemed my code and lost it for a minute, as the code was all the way down.

Note its a 2 step process. You have to select what platform you want (steam/gog/console) then go and redeem the key.

Did both steps and have checked inventory multiple times. I’ve also logged out and in again. Could be its just a matter of time, just seems strange…

Thanks for your replies regardless guys

Only thing I have in my code claim history at the moment is the original kickstarter code from 2016

Hi @Gouldblum if you are still having trouble, you can email

I have exactly the same problem : only code is the KS one, my game code is freaking empty!

thanks to help us!

JPR out!

Got it resolved via support, looking forward to playing your lovely game again. Ty Airship Syndicate!

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