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[Steam] Digital Extras for Backers

On the game’s Steam store page I found there’s a DLC for the game. Which reminded me that I backed the game on the level where I’m getting OST and digital artbook.
How can I get those, as I don’t see I have the DLC in my Steam library.

Also, how can I see the list of all goods I should get on my Backer level?


Hey we are working on this. Should be ready tomorrow! Sorry about that


I think every Backer Reward should become a Steam DLC, easier to keep track of it! :slight_smile:

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Any news of the digital extras. I’m waiting for this… :confused:

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Sorry for the delay. Its being worked on as we speak!

Hey, @Airship-Steve !
Any updates?

you should be able to log in to get the art book, soundtrack and worldmap now!


It’s working, thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Hum is that normal that we only got the OST in mp3 (256 kbps) while people who purchase it on Steam get the WAV (lossless) version ? :slight_smile:

Please could we get also a WAV or a FLAC version ?

Thanks :slight_smile:


What backers have access to WordlMap HD?¿

I got Artbook and OST, but where’s the World Map?
And yeah, what’s with the OST quality? Why it’s not .wav? And if it’s .mp3, why it’s not 320? It doesn’t feel great.

I’ve already downloaded OST and Artbook. But where’s the World Map?

What backer tier was required for OST?

I‘m a PS4 User… where do i find stuff like the map and the soundtrack?


I haven’t recieve my map either.

It should be in your profile on battlechasers

Any news of the map?¿