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Steam Cards, Badges and Booster Packs Now Out On Steam!

Hey guys not sure if you all noticed but for those of us with early Beta access we just got a bunch of neat stuff on Steam! Looking forward to completing the card collection, getting some badges and getting some awesome BC:NW wallpapers for my Steam profile!

Yeah, noticed them earlier.
Unfortunately, of the seven cards I only got three unique ones, remaining four are duplicates.

I got some duplicates as well. What I do is put duplicates for sale on the Steam Market and use that to buy the cards Iā€™m missing.

Cool, how do you access all this?

By playing the game you get random Card drops in your Steam inventory. Then you can combine a Card Collection to make a Badge and you get rewarded with a random wallpaper and emoticon on Steam after crafting a Badge.

I sell them only when I have more than 5 duplicates generally since you can upgrade a badge five times.

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