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Steam achievement bug?


[warning, potential spoiler]
I’ve completed the hunt: “The voice from below”. I noticed on steam in the achievements bar that there is an achievement with the picture of the boss you need to defeat to complete the hunt (the slime with the crown on its head).
According to steam I have not completed this achievement, so I got a little confused.
Did I really complete the achievement, if so did I not receive the achievement because of a bug or simply because I have not met the requirement for it and my assumption of the achievement is wrong.

Hey, @chackingnoob; there’s no achievement to complete that quest :slight_smile: That’s likely an achievement for something else that uses that enemy’s picture.

You should read the mouseover displays.
That achievement will be unlocked in the release version because the beta only has 3/x monsters the Beastmaster asked of you to hunt down. You need to defeat all of them to get that achievement.

Oh so that is the requirement for the achievement.
Sorry that I didn’t know but when I hover over the achievement with my mouse, nothing pops up.
So I couldn’t read what is necessary for that achievement.

You’re not alone with that. That’s probably some Steam client bug. I have that often too, pretty annoying. Restarting is the only solution I have found so far.