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(Spoiler Warning) So about that final boss

I may have lost all control of Monika’s stats and she kind of killed C’Drall in one hit :rofl:

Total damage was 27601, plus I think I might be able to get that higher as there is a tiny bit of room to improve her gear.

Here’s the highlight of it. Just keep in mind I get super loud as I was not expecting this to happen at all

I did that with crit garrison as well. (Soon after discovered that nvidia shadowplay didn’t support the game yet so rip vod) popped his level 3 burst and I’m pretty sure she died about halfway through it between all the crits and lightning procs. Im actually curious to see if Monika can dish out the same dmg in my ng+ run. I do recommend trying out crit garrison for some hilarious boss one shots with berserk or completely overkill with blademaster