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(Spoiler)Last Boss is Underwhelming (edited to remove spoiler from title)

I was hoping and preparing for a big fight but it turns out she wasn’t what I expected her to be

I expected her to have Different Forms and Minions type of creature to back her up

She just dies and that’s it, what a let down.

maybe add 2 Dragon Demon Minions to accompany her that casts doom or whatever
(just make them OP)


you fight her as Possessed Destra 1st with 2 minions


transforms into C’drall Destra Version as her Final Form

I’m really missing the Climactic part of the game.

or just to sound crazy make the Floating Castle the 9th Dungeon with monsters with randomly generated rooms and traps and such just to make the game more Climactic.

Unfortunately I do have to agree here. Loved my first playthrough to death, but the new game + kind of feels like a chore… Everything is so easy.

Legendary weapons are super cool, but they serve no purpose. Was expecting some super hard secret bosses around the world where the higher gear would really be useful (like some sort of emerald weapon).

Hope there is some sort of dlc with true endgame content.

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Yah I get you I also played FFVII which is my favorite, and the fact of the matter is, is that there is no build up to that final moment, where you invest all your resources to defeat that Final Boss and after you’ve done the deed you get ecstatic, that feeling of Euphoria.

The Last pirate might be this game’s version of Emerald weapon but I hope there’s more

A Boss where even where you have max equips stats and perks you struggle against it, AKA The Emerald Weapon the END GAME BOSS.

Exactly! I was also hoping mythic dungeons would scale with your level, keeping all of them challenging and relevant… Or at least some kind of challenge mode like they have in WoW… A bit of a disappointment in an otherwise fantastic game.

I was hoping NG+ and the mythic difficulties would remedy this. Hoped I wouldn’t 1 shot(action) C’Drall again.
Having said that… the first play through shouldnt have been that way either.

I really enjoyed the challenge of early game content before you got you hands on some crazy ability synergies/combos and gear.

(Edit: to clarify… still love getting the gear and abilities. Just want more challenging things to hit them with)

We actually have a lot of balance updates/fixes that address some of these issues. NG+ should be more challenging aswell as endgame of regular game especially the final boss. You can see the changes in the experimental branch on steam and can try it out if you like. Sadly the legendary weapons wont update retroactively, so if you have one already in your base playthrough, it will make a lot of the endgame content trivial. Thanks for the feedback!

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Could you please not post spoilers in the topic title…

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i edited the title to address that. Sorry about that @Reaon