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SPOILER ALERT! This Game feels like part 1 of a game series

You only get to level 30, almost 1/3 of 100

You haven’t found Verus yet

The end credits makes it look like there’s a continuation

This is just a detour island

maybe just the first continent

Where does Alumon get his Blood Magic from

Alumon is still a mystery

C’drall is just trapped in Garrison’s sword not entirely defeated

C’drall hasn’t reach his full maturation even General Bhargus.

Where are the Mages?

Where are the rest of the Towns people?

The Beastmaster looks like a playable class

Ancient Golems?


This game is unfinished people! :rofl:

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Whoa, hey. How about a spoiler warning? I only ran through two of the points before I had to back out!

But whatever the case, whether they set it up for a Pt2 or not, I’LL TAKE MORE!

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Thanks for updating the title, big guy. :smiley: