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Spelling errors found in Deadwatch

Was playing through Deadwatch for the first time, and I came across two spelling errors.

First one is when you find the sarcophagus that seemingly contain the ghosts of children. “Spirits” are misspelled as “sprits”.

Second one is after you finish the boss fight, during Alumons speech. He says “weigned”, but I think the correct spelling is "waned.

I may have found another one. This one is from Lord Belevros’ tomb. The inscription reads:

In honor of his service at the Iron Outpost.
May she never fall."

She? Is that supposed to read “he”, or is the “she” refering to something else?

Wait, I just realized, “she” refers to the Iron Outpost, not the lord. Never mind this one.

I found this nice one with an Inn conversation in the later game. the double use of the word “To”
and “terrirories” I believe is suppose to be “territories”

That’ll be fixed in the next PS4 patch, @J-Squared! Thanks :slight_smile:

This was on Xbox if that matters. Thanks for the reply!

Whoops! Then it’ll be fixed on the next Xbox patch! :sweat_smile: