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Sound in Intro But no Sound In Game

No Sound in Game in DirectX12 . Will play in intro but once in game sound cuts out
Also freezes when closing game and cant get to window mode
Sound works in safe mode in game w/DX9, but then graphics becomes extremely blurry, there is also no freezing and goes into window mode without issues
Game unplayable atm. How do I fix this?

Hey, @blkhawk;

When in DirectX9 mode, you can turn off Bloom and DOF in the Graphics settings to prevent the game from getting blurry.
We’re not sure why this would be happening in DirectX12. Have you tried verifying the game files on Steam?

Sorry for the delay with the email.

ATM, the game is unplayable.

Sound is not working
:There is wound when the game starts but as soon as it goes to the main menu, the sound cuts out and will not play during gameplay

  • I have per your instructions turned of bloom and still blurry
  • I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game
  • I have verified the files via steam
  • In Directx9 I have set per your suggestion, Bloom and DOF to off and still blurry
  • I would rather use directx12 how can I get the sound working?
    Any more suggestions?

I’ve included Please find attached :

  • Screen Shot from DirextX9
  • My PC Build and diagnosis
    Its upsetting to pay for a game that cant be played.purchased

I put it to the way side and when I got a new computer decided to give it a whirl and added
another two hours to the game play trying to get it to work.

Thank you for any help you can give me so I can play this!

Thank You,

Dan Sweet

PC DIAG.txt (73 KB)