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Some more feedback after 20 hours of play

Overall still great fun, can’t wait for the final game to release and pick up with my party where I left off!

I finished the campaign after around 17 hours without great haste, doing several dungeon re-runs, arena visits and hunting down bosses.

Additional feedback since my original post:

  • Enchanting recipes don’t tell you exactly what they do, so you have to buy them blind and hope for the best. I ended up strongly preferring one or two enchantments, the rest felt like I wasted precious gold.
  • Similar for upgrading your vendors. It’s pretty costly, especially for the blacksmith, and not knowing what you get out of it exactly doesn’t feel too good.
  • Walking speed on map and in dungeon if you just want to get from point A to point B after clearing everything, does tend to feel a bit tedious.
  • Similar the animations at the start and end of combat or the bursts. They are lovely and well made. I enjoy them a lot. After seeing them 20+ times not being able to click them away becomes tedious though, when I just feel like finishing the fight and move on (or level up another character by dragging him through lower level dungeons).
  • Going back and leveling the other party members you didn’t play with, isn’t the most fun experience. It feels to me that I am encouraged to stick to a party of 3, and neglect the rest.
  • I wish there was other things to find from fishing but things to turn into shadow coins. Some unique buff food maybe, or quality of life / cosmetic rewards would be really nice to discover every now and then.
  • Not a big fan of the 10% proc enchantments, they feel not worth it. Always sticking to permanent enchantments (such as +crit), as they are more reliable and just seem stronger overall.
  • Level feels negligible compared to item stats. My Garrison died every other fight, simply because he was lacking stamina on 2 of his items, which ended up making a ~40% life total difference to Calibretto. I think a bit more of stat scaling into level ups and based on role would be nice, and a bit less emphasis on finding or crafting the right gear. (Current system again discourages switching party members regularly, as you need to farm good gear for everyone.)
  • Personal dilemma: I want Calibretto to go first during my fights, so he may buff the party up or apply the sunder debuff before his allies attack. Unlike our little tank, who has a great perk option to start with a massive haste buff for a round, Calibretto seems to be missing suitable options for that, and it seems it comes down to 90% of having found the right gear (and I couldn’t find much haste things for him yet).
  • Absolutely adore the cutscenes / mini videos, so cool!

Think that’s it for now.

Thanks for a great experience, and keep it up! :slight_smile:

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Ah yes, and single in stealth enemies are simply annoying, wasting lots of turns on buffing and or defensive stances. Especially if their first action is to ready an attack with “…”.