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Some first-impression feedback

Minor feedback after my first hour:

  • Characters feel kind of slow in the dungeons. Speeding them up or adding a sprint option would be awesome. I realize Garrison’s special is a sprint, but since those things are limited, I don’t want to waste them while exploring.
  • It’s possible to re-enter a merchant as you’re exiting. In trying to dismiss the exit/goodbye message, I often end up in a loop where it takes me back in, I exit and press to exit faster, and end up entering all over again.
  • The menu system has some issues:
    ** Pressing LB/RB to shift through menus is standard practice, but the movement it mimics is Left-Right, whereas in current designs you’re actually going Up-Down.
    ** On the character tab in particular, I tend to get lost on what I’m currently interacting with. Not sure if this is something that can be fixed visually by making indicators bigger/more obvious, or by simplifying the UI a bit (why the extra button press to enter a character? Why not start at the equip/skills/etc. level and use left/right buttons to go between characters?)
    ** There’s no indicator on how to craft. Maybe I didn’t get far enough in the game for this? But I spent all my gold on crafting manuals, made my way to the crafting tab, and then couldn’t actually craft anything. Bummer when mobs are limited (at least for the duration I played).

On a positive note, I encountered no bugs, the game is gorgeous, and I really had a blast playing! I’m super impressed that there’s as much content in there already for the beta, and can’t wait to get back in and play more.


+1 ! There is a dodge mechanic with monsters ok, but maybe we should be able to sprint when there is no monster around or when an area is cleared ?

Same feeling here, there is a tweak to find about the visual feedback when you change page or menu. I find myself a bit confused. User-experience of menu is perfectible

and I dont know how to craft. I have what I need to make some stuff but I dont know how to do it

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you unlock recipes early on, but you cant begin to craft until its unlocked at its respected vendor.


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Mostly enjoying myself so far, figured I’d mention some of my own feedback as well.

I definitely agree that the in-dungeon/explorable area movement speed of the player should be bumped up by maybe double, right now it just feels too slow.

On the world map, for some reason there’s some odd jerkiness to the movement that isn’t present in other parts of the game for me…no idea what the cause is.

I feel that the countdown timer for opening chests and objects seems kind of pointless and the game would probably flow better without it.

There seems to sometimes be an unnecessary pause of a few seconds when you begin battle, before you can start inputing commands.

Experience gain past level 10 seems insufficient even from enemies level 10 and above

There really needs to be a way to funnel experience to inactive party members


Inventory and menus of any kind suddenly stopped working at random, don’t know how to trigger it but it did fix itself eventually.

  • Would be nice if there was an option to tag your junk items so you could sell them all in a few clicks at a vendor. So I won’t have to go through all items again at vendors to figure out what items I should sell.

  • For some reason it seems weird you can ‘bleed’ certain enemies like skeletons and animated armors.

  • The world map art is not very coherent with the other artstyle

@vampy3k in regards to crafting stuff, if you look in your inventory, you should have some recipe books in the consumables tab. If you use those, you should be able to craft when you find a crafting station in dungeons. Crafting in town can be unlocked as you progress in the game. Thanks for the feedback!


I had some struggles with this as well, takes some getting used to, I guess. Though, I would probably just disable any input after exiting so this doesn’t happen. Or simply allow you to skip out of the exiting voice over/text by pressing A, like most games do.

I believe we implemented a delay when pressing A (or E on keyboard) fast to try to avoid that. If its not working, In the meantime, if you want to backout fast without chance of re-entering the conversation you can press the B button instead.

So I am loving the game and maybe I’m doing something wrong lol. I don’t seem to have much gold and keep spending it to heal up the party. Maybe I’m just trying to do content that is too difficult for my current level. Also other than resting at the inn is there any other way to get the eneimies on the map to spawn. I haven’t tried selling any mats cause I assume I want those. I am cool with grinding out a few levels but without resting at the inn I don’t know how to do that or get mobs to spawn again lol. I haven’t tried resetting the first dungeon yet either cause I haven’t finished it lol

@gartnercj77 A few questions: What difficulty did you pick for the dungeon? (if you selected Heroic, it can be pretty tough trying it right away), and have you equipped gear that you’ve found? (equipment has a drastic change on your power level)
Enemies on the worldmap will only respawn after resting at the inn or completing a dungeon.

the game are awesome, but its little easy in case that enemies 3 lvl behind almost all the time=( I’m not hardcore player but this is strange=) mb thats because I’m only lvl 7 and in late game it will change

I would like to contribute my own thoughts regarding items raised here by the community as well as to add my own praise.

  1. In game inventory menu/tabs:

I agree with the general consensus that inventory manipulation is confusing, I often find myself switching between characters when I intend to switch inventory tabs (to check crafting lists for example) or I switch between tabs when I actually meant to switch between characters, however this is by no means game breaking, just a little frustrating at times.

  1. Crafting:

As mentioned, crafting is done when a crafting bench is found in exploration zones and dungeons. This IS clearly mentioned in the game manual which everyone should at least take a look at once. Issues raised about users not knowing how to craft is merely indicative of people rushing to play without looking at the documentation provided. I do not think it should necessarily be Airship’s responsibility to hand hold players and guide those who cannot be bothered with reading the manual (A manual which has some lovely art by the way).

However on the other side of the coin perhaps the dwarf smith in town would be an obvious npc to give new players the run down on crafting? an additional conversation string that finds the dwarf explaining the reasons why they cannot craft items right away (The forge is busted perhaps or maybe some other reason for lack of immediate access) it seems odd how the dwarf talks about giving players the crafting recipes but never mentions why you can’t just use those recipes right away in his smithy to make new gear.

  1. Movement speed:

I have to agree that the standard pace of movement around exploration/dungeon zones does feel a little sluggish, this makes sense in a way, we have to consider that the whole party would be wise to keep together thereby restricting movement to that of the slowest party member (Clearly our beloved War Golem in this case) However, having some additional means to increase standard movement speed (In areas where all enemy activity is eliminated) would make the feel of retracing steps through dungeon areas a little less lethargic.

Finally my own additional thoughts,

All in all I am mightily impressed, I come to BattleChasers: Nightwar without any preconceived notions of what this title would be. I have not read the comics nor had I heard of the BattleChasers setting until I heard the enthusiasm for the Kickstarter project in the voice of a Mr. Liam O’Brien (Voice actor, lover of comics and cast member of Critical Role).

The one thing that immediately warmed me to the game when I launched the beta for the first time? The fact that the game instantly recognised that my laptop had a ps4 controller plugged into it. I cannot overstate enough how refreshing this feature is. The majority of titles these days still force users to play controller enabled games with Xbox button prompts regardless of the type on controller they happen to use. Thank you from the depths of my heart for not being another one of those games.

Happy to provide controller specific art, Ignus. :slight_smile: Nowadays detecting the hardware players are using is trivial, and if you’re doing a multiplatform release, you’re surely going to have the art for a different controller somewhere in your game files. Might as well set something up to switch to the correct art!

And thank you for all the feedback! We’re taking people’s suggestions seriously and carefully weighing our options.

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I tried heroic first and realized I was not heroic…yet lol. I’ve played every good dog you can think of so no rookie to putting on wright gear, optimizing gear, and picking suitable abilities for characters. I find I might play too offensive and not defensive enough and need to heal often but am struggling to earn enough gold playing this way lol. I need to grind out some levels and some gear. Might be time to complete the first dungeon.

Don’t forget to use Calibretto’s dungeon skill to heal when you are in a dungeon :slight_smile: It can be very helpful when you are in a tight spot.

Gold rewards do seem to be a bit scarce, can’t afford potions much at all and I’m at junktown.

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Hey! just wanted to give my 2 cents on my experience so far.
I’ve made it passed the third dungeon and unlocked the 5th character ( no spoilers ).
Reading through other peoples feedback, i get a feeling that everyone has a certain play style, and the game might not fit everyone.
For instance, i have no issue with either the game pace or the menu interactions.
Regarding mob difficulty and grinding resources, it does get harder as you move on, especially if you do legendary dungeons. Here you will have to balance all potions and skills carefully, otherwise you might not make it to the end. Have started getting nice loot drops also. There are a ton of resources that are dropped by the time you start to discover crafting and i have reached around 4000 gold and about 25 of those special coins for the collector.
The fishing minigame is a fun surprise.

So far i have encountered the issue where you couldn’t access any character menu in the world map once. It solved itself as soon as i entered an exploration area.
Another minor bug that i found is that certain containers ( barrels mostly ) retain the sparkle effect even after looting them. They can no longer be selected though.
And on occasion some voices do not work during cut scenes or interactions. It’s related to characters that have voice-over and i hear them on other occasions. On some however, the voice-over does not start at all.
The one improvement i would suggest is being able to equip gear on members that are not in the party. When you get to 4 members ( max 3 in party ) you start getting drops for the inactive characters also and it’s becoming difficult to manage loot now ( a dungeon gets you around 10 gear for sure ). I have to make sure i don’t sell the gear for inactive members until i select them at the inn and equip them. Since from the story perspective all characters with you at all times, it make sense to have the option to equip all of them.

TIP ( minor game play spoiler ), in dungeons, some loot is hidden behind a breakable wall that only Gully can break with her skill. If you are a bit of a completionist, she must be in your party at all times.

Great game overall, very polished for a beta. Thank you for this great experience and looking forward to playing some more.


2 more observations i would like to add.

  1. There is a small typo in the conversation at Meebu’s house of magic, specifically … i pick a random card my bag …
  2. You sometimes find the same lore pages twice in the same dungeon run and i do not know if this is intentional.
    Reached the end of the Beta. Cant wait for the full release!
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I confirm this.

Agree on that. I was confused too.


I found this one too. Will create a thread in the Bugs and Issues category.