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Some Feedback after some level

Hey all, i wanna share some impression about the game after a few hours of gaming and some lvl.

I’ve encountered a bad bug in the EPIC MODE dungeon, more or less in the end of it.
It was an event of some chest to pick up and i was clicking to try the event, BUT a mob attack my party.
in the end, it was he fight screen with on first screen Garrison speaking.
I could’nt attack the mob and even send away the dialog.
Result: i had to quit the dungeon.
When i went back without reset, the map was changed and the dungeon was full of enemy as if it was new.

Is the only bug encountered ATM.

The game is charming, the graphic and style is uber and i like it very very mutch, but the gameplay suffer of some things that i gonna explain

The possibility to switch party members just in town, is more or less frustrating… i don’t like this approach.
If they follow me and i wanna change some member along the road, it should be possible do it.
This thing make annoying another thing: if i have new equip dropped from mob, i can’t equip it until i go back in town…
Is quite useless this way to handle it…

maybe i’ve not look in a good way around the instruction, but is somewhere explained what a stat mean?
Indeed, if i augment AP instead of another stat, this influence my char in what manner??
It give me more possibility to land a hit? to score a Critical Hit? To do more damage?
It should be great if it will be explained in an in-game popup or parenthesis beside the stat or somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

INITIATIVE in combat
Ok, sometime i use skill that improve my initative and my char could attack before other take action.
BUT in real, i don’t see any switch in column action (the initiative order at the left of the screen).
It will be good if i could see who will switch in what position, if before or after a mob.
this will be good also for using Skills and Abilities that are slow, to know if is usefull use the skill or not (maybe using a skill a mob attack me and kill my char before i can cast my spell).

Ok, pushing the right button u can skip all the animation about combat.
BUT it take anyway alot of time to go back to the screen.
Sometimes, if you make alot of combat one after the other, i get bored in waiting for char speaking, juggling and trolling around.
the skip button shoud act faster…

When u get hit, you recive the amount of damage named in #+PT (e.g. 49PT).
Because it goes fast sometimes, you mess the real amount you get because you mix numbers and letters.
I guess will be better if you see just the numbers.
Also because we know the damage is in points…

I’ve encountered a mob/boss i guess of my level with a tons of HP, that has simply erased my party in 3 sequence of attack.
The point is:

  • if the mob make so mutch damage, is pointless to fight him.
  • in the time i hit him, even with critical hit, his HP still remain high and i have no chance to have a real fight
  • if i use defensive skills, he will hit me deleting my shield after 1st attack and keeping damaging my char
  • if i don’t protect the party and i fight, as above, attack after attack he will erase me
  • if i use a potion to ress 1 member, this one will be hit soonafter the ress, so is useless to ress it…
    In the end, is a pointless fight, so why put souch tipe of fight if you can’t run and you’ll die?
    Is not fun and is not a challenge

It will be great if there was some NAME on the map…
I always forgot the name of place until i go on it…
Ok, some graphical things make me rember where i am, but this apart, i guess ther’s no harming in putting some name around.
And, guys, is a map! Is made to be written! :smiley:

I guess ATM it’s all by me.