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Some Bugs from The Dig Dungeon i have come across

Howdy Guys
Loooooving the game and what you are doing with keep up the good work so glad i threw in to get this kickstarted, Just a bit a feedback on a few bugs i came across today when running through The Dig on legendary,
Had a couple of rooms with crafting bench icons but the space where you expect the bench to be (based on other playthroughs) is empty, although the blacksmith bench was still spawning in correctly i didnt see any of the others this screenshot is one of the rooms with missing craft bench i would expect the bench to be in the upper left corner of this screen shot

Another problem i have had this patch and last patch is this room has the treasure icon and for the life of me i can not find it perhaps im missing something or its a bug either way please help especially if its my perception skills.

Other then that i have also encountered the bug of enemies standing on top of invisible room ceilings and rooms with treasure chests under the map which has all been reported i have been having a blast playing this even when Alpha Lycalots chain Claw Barrage Calibretto :frowning:
Also loving the style and artwork in the game absolutely awesome

craft benches spawning is random, benches aren’t tied (most of the time) to specific room.

Yes i realise that im talking about rooms that on the mini map that have the crafting bench icon after you catch the surveyor but the crafting bench is not in the room but there is an obvious spot where one would of spawned


i had issues with this elevator specifically, all other elevators working, but after i took this one down, it would no longer work, i could enter elevator and press button the doors closed and the gear did the animation as if moving, but nothing happened, after the timed journey the doors opened again but the elevator remained unmoved.

returned to elevator and still same issue,