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So i finished the game

So i can play New Game + mode

But how do i unlock Almuas as a playable character?

Aslo the idea of losing everything on NG+ sounds horrible!

Almuas stand for alumon right ? ^^
all the characters are already unlocked, so once you hit harm’s way, you can setup the team the way you like.
You keep all the charcaters perks and beast perks you have already unlocked, all entries in bestiary, fishbook etc.

You can craft to mythic level stuff, get all dungeons to mythic difficulty and this is it.

Are you sure about that?

Currently a bug. I do NOT have Alumon unlocked either.


Specific point:

Fixed a bug in which Alumon would actually NOT join the party. We found him and forced him back in your party if he wasn’t unlocked for you.

I’m looking forward to NG+
It sounds amazing.

How’s NG+ work in this game? What do lose/keep? What’s the new difficulty level?