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Sketchy Edition

So, I know there’s plenty of other posts, but I got the new artbook and stickers today. Certainly a better artbook than the first iteration, and the stickers are very cool.

However, as much back and forth as I’ve had with the guy about receiving everything, I’m yet to receive my Joe Mad sketch… I get that things get missed, that’s fine, but the guy I was told to be in touch with nearly a year ago was useless. The only info he had was ‘they’re working on an updated art book’; which, while true, didn’t get me the sketch! I’d got (and now with the latest package, have) everything, except the sketch.

Are there still people with airship looking at these forums? It’s the only support channel that I’m aware of.

The whole thing has left a bitter taste in my mouth. Not because the sketch was missing, but the lack of any real response. I’d like the sketch; I dropped over $500 to bring this game to life on day one of the Kickstarter - oh, and at least a little support, please.

I’m waiting for my sketch too :wink:
And you know what? I haven’t received anything yet. No artbook first version and still nothing after.
Keep the faith. I understand since I’m in the same situation. I’m confident your sketch will arrive (and mine too) :slight_smile:

Not getting anything is pretty terrible! Maybe it’ll make a nice Christmas gift from airship :wink:

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No inked sketch and no game original art here yet.

[quote=“daveCFPrez, post:4, topic:4685, full:true”]
No inked sketch and no game original art here yet.
[/quote] You will get those!
… because I want to see them so badly! :stuck_out_tongue:

but now according to Joe Mad’s twitter you can request a refund? Just need to email the “support” email that hasn’t answered any of my emails in a few years.