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Shade of Belevros

I have LAST “beast” in my bestiary for 100% complete it. And this is the LAST achievement.
And this beast is “Shade of Belevros” (according to other threads and screenshots). I checked other threads and found out that I need to go to Iron Post and in there I can found it. But when I found the tomb (for the second time. First time was on my very first try of this dungeon in the start of the game, don’t even remember how I interact with it). But the tomb is non-interactive.

How can I found this Shade of Belevros?


My bestiary

The tomb

You set him free the first time you met him. You should have fought him before releasing him.
You have to start a new game for the shade to appear. You only have one chance for it. If you choose to set him free the first time you can’t fight the shade. So fight him instead of releasing him

So now I need to start a new game and AGAIN beat ALL bestiary for just this one last “beast”? Seriously?

You can go to new game plus. Your bestiary will stay. So you only need to fight the shade. But make sure its new game plus.
If you start a completely new game the bestiary will be empty I think
You say this is your last achievement. I don’t know if you can go again in ng+ if you already completed it. Maybe it will be ng++

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Great. Thanks!

Last 3. 2 for NG (start and complete) and this one. NG ones will be finished automatically, so they are not really achievments.

Thanks for the help.

The devs said that he can appear in endless arena

I made a couple videos for this dude:
What to look out for when searching for shade of belevros

lord belevros

@SomaXD thanks. But as I said, tomb is not active for me, so I can’t fight him on that location.
For Lord Bevelros I got him.

Thanks for the tip. Tried yesterday. 22 waves, no luck =\

I’m not sure what his spawn rate is now, but I’ve fought him a bunch of times in the infinite arena before the devs fixed it so that levels increased and shrines were consumed.

If you fought lord belevros, you cant fight shade until ng+ unless you do endless arena

Yep, he is already dead =\ This part is really unobvious. I guess then this achievment for the next game for me =)
Thanks everyone for the help.