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Shade of Belevros [SPOILERS HERE]

So, given that there’s most definitely a spot for Shade of Belevros to return in Deadwatch, I set about returning to Iron Outpost to set him free this time, since @Airship-Steve said in another thread that he will return if you didn’t set him free (e.g. you fought and killed him at sub-optimal strength) so I’ve been returning to this dungeon for over an hour and this event just isn’t spawning again.

Is there something amiss here, is it just an unbelievably low chance to spawn? I am about at my wit’s end as this is essentially halting my progress as I’d rather not move on to the next bit in the Moors until I’m done with Deadwatch.

Are you not seeing the room at all or is he just not in his sarcophagus? He should definitely be showing up still.

The room it’s in just will not show up, I’m up to 24 runs now and the only time it’s ever spawned was my very first go at it when the beta started.

Hopefully when the sarcophagus shows up he’s in it, but it just has yet to appear and it’s worrying me.