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Shade of Belevros (Beastiary Entry)

Hey guys,

I think you should increase the pop rate of the event with “Shade of Belevros”.
I did the Iron outpost dungeon so many time just to get that event and I’m still waiting for it.
Since I want to complete the Beastiary it’s a little bit frustrating :frowning:

If you’re playing on PC, the most recent patch cranked up the rate of Bevelros occurring (it’s almost guaranteed now, iirc). If you’re not on PC, console patches take longer to get released (because the consoles have much longer verification processes for patches and oftentimes limit them to once/month) so it should be coming sometime soon.

Of course, that’s not the only way to get the Shade of Bevelros. If you do the Infinite Arena, Shade of Bevelros is one of the enemies that can appear. It might be easier (and a lot more interesting) than repeatedly running Iron Outpost and praying for luck.

Thank you for your reply.
I’m on PC but still haven’t met him yet (I play in NG+ at the highest lvl of difficulty… maybe he doesn’t pop here? hum?).
I tried during more than 2 hours yesterday…
I will try in the arena. I finished it 2 times (normal & NG+ + a few other attempts)

Make sure you’ve updated your game.

As to the arena, Shade of Bevelros only shows up in the Infinite Arena, which only appears when you’ve finished the other runs, and you can’t “finish” that one since it will keep leveling up the enemies such that it’s impossible for you to beat them before it “ends”.

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Thank you, I will try that then!
In NG+ I only did that most difficult run :wink:

Thank you again man!
I went far into the arena but I indeed found him! :slight_smile:
A few more and the game will soon be finished at 100%!