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Self Intro & Beta Dev Questions

Hi guys,

First I want to introduce myself, I go by the gamer tag Omni or Omni_Games. I’m 30 years old, a computer animator in a small game company by day and a twitch streamer by night. Been working in the game industry for about 8 years and been gaming for about 20+ years. I got introduced to Joe Mad’s work in college and have been a fan ever since. I thoroughly enjoyed the first 2 games of the Darksiders series and looking forward to the upcoming ones. After what happened with THQ and Vigil Games I was worried we wouldn’t get to see more amazing games from Joe Mad and his team. But luckily I found out about Airship Syndicate and backed Battle Chasers immediately when I saw it on Kickstarter. Super looking forward to investing myself into this game since I’ve been playing RPG’s since the PS1. I see a lot of the influence in this game from all the great RPG classics specially the Breath of Fire series which was one of my favorites. Also hoping to help build the community by streaming it on my Twitch Channel so I had a few questions.

  • Have the Devs uploaded the game’s Box Art to the twitch data base? If not, Devs should go here to upload it: Twitch Box Art Link

  • Are we allowed to stream the game on Twitch during the Beta phase? I noticed a few people streaming it on the Battle Chasers: Nightwar Twitch page but I didn’t want to stream it without permission. I’ve been part of various other Alphas and Betas where the Devs have prohibited streaming before official release.

  • Have the Devs announced how long the Beta will last? I’m aware the official release date for Steam will be 10/03/2017 but I was curious how long we had to play the Beta.

  • Will there be any special rewards for Beta participation? This is not a big deal but sometimes those who participate in the Beta expect a little something in return.

  • Are there plans for more content(episodes, expansions, new characters, quests, events, etc.) in the near future? Of course the Devs have other plans for the future of the game but now they have to focus on the initial release…but any and all teases for future content are always welcome :wink:.

That’s it for now, if I come up with more questions I’ll add them to the list or if the rest of the community want to chime in feel free to do so here. Gonna go play the game now, it just finished installing :grin:.

Hey Omni! Thanks for the kind words! To answer some of your questions: You are free to stream (i love watching people play the game)! The beta will last all the way into release on October 3rd and your save will carry over into final release. No special rewards for beta other than getting to play it early. Hope you enjoy the game!

Thanks so much for replying @Airship-Steve, looking forward to streaming it! Keep up the great work, you guys made another gem!