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Screen resolution 2560x1080

Hello, first off this game rocks ! just love the art style, but did notices a screen resolution issue on the main fight screen doesn’t seem scale to the edge of the screen. I’m not sure if it support this screen resolution or not but thought I would provide the info. Again great work!

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I can confirm this issue.

Not only the main screen, but there are some strange GUI elements visible on the left and right edges during the overworld as well. These elements are not visible in 1920x1080.

All in all, a very solid beta. I am looking forward to proper ultra-wide resolution support!

The game is not prepared for a resolution longer than 16:9.
My monitor is 16:10 (1920x1200), so I don’t have any problems, but for those with longer proportions, as the background is painted and can not be streched, it would be cool to add some kind of frame so it doesn’t show just blue, but an image instead.

I can confirm this as well. Heres some screenshots

On the steam forum someone from the team mentioned that 21x9 resolutions were not supported and probably would not be in the future.

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I’m on 3440X1440, same problem here.

Hey guys,

We posted about this on the Steam forums and let people know we’re working on official support, don’t worry.
21:9 will be officially supported before launch.


I don’t know if it has already been reported or not, but other “resolution” problem I found is with the dialogs with a 16:10 screen.

Sometimes two black bars shows at the top and bottom of the image and everything is ok, but most of the time, those bars don’t show up and you can see the cut in the portrait of the characters, that don’t cover the full height of the screen.